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New Release:

Take me to the river

She carries with her

a presence, a force that

could… silence an audience

of Thousands”

Writer, Unknown

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Sophia's captivating vocals have been shared in venues as diverse as celestial church choirs to the rawness of the streets of Miami. She has always been compelled to sing from her heart and express the gifts that she has been given. She believes her personal heartaches impact her Deep vocal strengths that are delivered in every performance. 


She believes we are all given
gifts from God to make
the world a better place.

Sophia’s musical healing sessions,  her grit, and vocal intonation come from deep soul experiences that shaped and molded her into the experienced performer entertainer and speaker  humanity healer in the areas of loss and recovery. She is a regular performer in rehab programs and any type of business or venues with a focus on healing and service to community. 


Sophia’s purpose and passion is to inspire people through the healing power of music. Remind them of their value. To elevate them to believe in their own unique significance and purpose. She believes we are all given gifts to make the world a better 




I was deeply inspired to compose my first song at a young age after the tragic loss of my younger sister, Terazia. Burdened with tremendous heartache, I found music and writing helped me to release some of my grievances.

Throughout my life I’ve faced very deep emotional traumas on many levels and I found myself at times struggling to find ways to cope with my personal heartache. It took me years to understand why I had to go through this pain and darkness but I knew I didn’t belong there.

Fortunately, through my remarkable faith, inner strength and strong humility towards others I found myself on the healing path of service with my music, which had lead me to the discovery of my life’s purpose. 

Throughout my journey it is a blessing to express my authentic vulnerability; this has been not only healing for myself but others in return. Holding true compassion towards others I’ve developed my passion through song lyrics to deeply elevate, planting the seeds of self-belief.

I am truly dedicated to singing for the well-being of our humanity and I come with great devotion to helping those in need. My hope is to uplift, heal and inspire others on their own road to recovery and the rediscovery of themselves for a beautiful future.

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