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National Veterans Foundation


I come with great Honor to support the National Veterans foundation


I have a long history of supporting many foundations like the NVF serving communities and charities coast to coast helping anyone in need of support.


I encourage anyone in need of  support to reach out to the NVF today! 

Core values

1 We Value Humility
2 We Value Stewardship
3 We Value Hospitality
4 We Value Courage
5 We Value Impact
6 We Value Wisdom

Recently I've been asked to share my testimony and lead Chapel at the Hoving Home in NJ and NY. This organization is Amazing and life changing, helping woman to rebuild their lives. I am Honored to be a proud sponsor and supporter. 

The Home is funded through private donations from individuals, churches, corporations, and foundations.

All gifts are tax-deductible.


Communities Under the Bridge


Connecting individuals, churches, businesses and community groups with the homeless to bring the hope of Jesus Christ and to meet their essential needs for an improved circumstance.


To minister where the homeless and those who are broken so they can find hope and agape love and live a life transformed by Jesus Christ. To bridge individuals, churches, businesses, and community groups with opportunities to serve in mission and ministry outreach.

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