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My musical soulmate! Cezar and I have created music together for what feels like lifetimes. He is one of the most talented guitarists on the scene. He is a creative genius and his soothing melodic playing abilities shine through on every note. I am always honored to musically dance with him on anywhere the adventure goes! Checkout more about him here!


Cristy Mette

Cristy is a Beautiful Soul, She dedicates her time and talent in helping others find their joy through the Joyfulself Wellness Center! She is a true inspiration with powerful leadership skills, organizing many  workshops and events to empower women and over the years I've had the privilege of working with her on many levels and am deeply blessed to have her in my life.


Cezar Santana


Linda Pacha



Joan Pacifico is a long time friend and supporter! Together we co-founded a non-profit called Jammin' for Jersey. We hosted numerous charity events together raising thousands of dollars for New Jersey shore victims.   Joan relocated to North Carolina where she currently Founded her own successful retail shop called, Sandalwood Shoppes located in Leland, NC. Her love and passion for community and helping others shows in everything she builds. I am honored and blessed to call her a friend. 


Mark Seaman

Mark Seaman is a Dear Friend and musical companion. I have worked with Mark for years Drumming and performing at various events. Mark is the founder of the life changing Rhythm in Recovery program, a unique 12 step interactive program designed to elevate through interactive drumming, meditation, and music. He comes with great wisdom and experience holding over 30 years of sobriety himself. Feel free to contact him for your next festival or event.


Bob Giovanetti

Bob is an Outstanding person and a Great Friend.  I have worked with him for years; He truly listens and puts his heart and soul into every project that is brought to his Crystal Pig Recording Studio. He is extremely professional and is at the top of his game with his high-quality state of the art recording studio. From start to finish he works hard to make every client truly happy. I highly recommend him for your next recording project. Check out his website and see for yourself.

Joan Pacifico

Flora Zanfrisco

I have had the pleasure to work side by side with Flora who is an extremely talented film maker. We co-collaborated on my first music video, Love not war, she puts her heart and soul into every project and has the natural ability to capture the true soul and essence in her work!


Armand Egidi

For more than 20 years, Armand Egidi has helped people all over the world - across six continents - to live again after loss. Where there is darkness and misunderstanding after tragedy...he brings light, clarity, and peace. Armand is such a special person, and I'm honored to call him a friend. 

Linda Pacha has firsthand knowledge of the devastation caused by a loved one’s suicide and the excruciating pain from losing a child. In 2013, her teenage son, Nick, died by suicide while away at college. Linda shares her insights gained through hindsight from his painful life, tragic death, and her family’s grief journey in Saving Ourselves from Suicide—Before and After: 

 She is the founder and president of Nick’s Network of Hope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit suicide prevention and grief support charity that provides resources, education, and support about life challenges. 

Please follow Nick’s Network of Hope on Facebook and connect with Linda Pacha on LinkedIn.


Chrystal Kubis

 Chrystal Kubis is a Dear Friend, many people call her FireHeart for her fiery passion and relentless commitment to helping others heal and grow.  She is a transformation specialist and master coach who helps people kick fear out of the driver’s seat and ignite their power. I've had the privilege of her loving support over the years. Check out her  powerful work and connect for support. 

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